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Remixes Album 2017!


released February 14, 2017

Artwork by: SuperSegak
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ELEKTONE Singapore

Beware of strobes, smoke machines & sprained ankles.

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Track Name: Another Dawn (ELKTN) Remix
All the things you say
Are the things you don't remember
In a distant dream
Sweet beyond my memory (3x)

You Promised me another sunset
Another dawn
Another moonlight
Track Name: Damn This Disco (ELKTN) Remix
It's coming now
I can feel it
It's getting all blur
The sounds are clear now
I have to move
To the beat i groove
Shakin' out my sweat
It's alright, this feeling so good

Damn this disco baby
It makes me feel alright
Damn this disco baby
It makes me feel alright
Track Name: Enemy (ELKTN) Remix
Think you can hurt me
I'm not gonna be here anymore
You think you are sorry
Well you're gonna be my enemy

Go on and leave me
You'll be sorry i came into your life
Think you can hurt me
Well you're gonna be my enemy

If you stay
If you go my way
I will make it easier
Will you ever disappear

If you stay
If you go my way
Will you ever realize
I thought you wouldn't recognize
Track Name: Racing Time (GLDN) Remix
The rush of this life
It's never enough time
To do the things I wanna do
Like to be
To be with you

The games we play, just to stay awake
In the night, nothing new
The calls we make
Lets your voice in my head
And that's when
I am missing you

Can't wait any longerx4
To be with you

Hold me
Control me
I need you by my side

Keep me
Confine me
Cos' with you I'm alive
I'm racing time

Every day I'm waiting
For the moment to come
And when you're near
Feel a rush in my veins
When I look
When I look at you